Isabella Vinet and Tobias Schenke with the prize at the genre film festival "Cinestrange" in Braunschweig, Germany.

And the winner is… "Gefällt Mir"!

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06/30/2013: Completed an elaborate crane shot of 500 extras forming a "like" on Germany's biggest marketplace in Heide.

06/10/2013: German celebrity Tobias Schenke leaks exciting information about the film on the "World War Z" premiere in Berlin. to the Youtube-Video
05/03/2013: PROMIFLASH: "Gruselig! Neuer Horror-Thriller mit Tobias Schenke"
05/10/2013: First locations are currently being scouted, and storyboards of the film are in production.
The shooting schedule for autumn is also being assembled.