Cool guys dont look at explosions.
Film shoot at Lemmens Martial Arts Academy Albersdorf.
This scene caused some trouble with the police.
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Ronald Nitschke, the german voice of Tommy Lee Jones, is playing the role of the villain Schandlmeyer.
Isabell Vinet is playing the role of Natascha as the leading actress.
Film shoot at the house of the blind fotograph.
Charles Rettinghaus and Tobias Schenke as the cops "Manfred" and "Alex".
About 400 people gathered at the marketplace in Heide on 30th June to build the "like-thumb".
YouTube star "Freshtorge" played himself in his scripted cameo on June 16, 2013, commencing pre-production photography.
In pre-production, the film's camera shots are first developed as storyboards.